List of Safeguarding Documents


The following documents are exemplars and templates that can be adapted for use. They are available online at:

Standard 1: Creating and maintaining safe Church environments
Use of Parish Premises 1 & 2
Our Church’s Safeguarding Policy Leaflet
Parish Hall Booking Form
Risk Assessment for Activities and Places
Risk Register
Information Sharing Protocol with Police Scotland
Contract for Sex Offender (and those who pose a risk)
Child Photograph/Video Permission Form
Standard 2: Appointing clergy, religious., lay employees and volunteers
Volunteer Application Form
Self-Declaration Form
Reference Letter Template
Reference Form Template
Letter of Full Approval
Letter of Restricted Approval
Flowchart - Responding to Concerns or Allegations of Abuse
Standard 3: Responding to concerns and allegations
Allegation Recording Form
Leaflet for those accused
Standard 4: Providing care and support for survivors
Letter to Survivor re. first meeting with Safeguarding personnel
Information leaflet on process for survivors
Raphael Counselling Service Leaflet
Standard 6: Working Together in Safeguarding
Safeguarding Role Descriptors
Standard 7: Training and support for all involved in Safeguarding
Record of Safeguarding Training
Safeguarding Action Plan
Standard 8: Quality Assurance
Statement to the Parish re. Safeguarding